Digitalization of value chains for manufacturing industry, step 1


With this call, we want to strengthen the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry in Sweden by increasing the efficiency of the industry´s value chains, primarily by using digital technology. Value chains are a number of value-creating activities that are required to produce a product. The call is made in two project steps: 1) Initiation and 2) Demonstration. Only projects approved in step 1 can apply for funding for step 2.

FFI Sustainable Production Technology


The Sustainable Production Technology programme comprises research, innovation and development activities relating to the production of vehicles, drivetrains, and vehicle components. The purpose of the programme is to research, identify, specify and create the conditions for the sustainable production systems in the year 2015 for the manufacture of innovative, eco-friendly and safe products. This will strengthen and further develop the competitiveness of Swedish industry in regard to the manufacture of vehicle components and vehicles. The results achieved will be introduced gradually, but it is expected that the full impact of the programme will be attained in 2015.