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Knowledge gets better the more it is shared and used

Knowledge gets better the more it is shared and used

My colleagues Cecilia and Johan, and in a way also Tero, have in their chronicles addressed the great reset that we are facing, and I would like to continue on that theme.

We have known for a long time that we must address our long-term sustainability and become better planetary caretakers, but we must do much more and much faster. It is not an easy thing, it is not a theme that easily can be ticked off. Here we can thank Greta & Fridays for Future, who are now doing a fantastic job of creating insight into the urgency and the role of science in preventing the climate and sustainability crisis we are facing.

We all know that today we have an unsustainable society that consumes far too much of the earth’s resources at the expense of other life on earth and biodiversity. At the same time, we have “new” countries that are developing and building societies to take people out of poverty and hunger, in similar ways as we have done during the industrialization era. But if we continue to solve tomorrow’s problems with old methods, the planet will simply not suffice. What are the new solutions and how can we contribute to them?

Much of what we do here, at “Kunskapsförmedlingen” is linked to this. We connect new knowledge to those who work with solving large and complex challenges in product and production development. We make it easier for them to find people and knowledge that can be helpful in their work. Everything is here and is open for everyone to absorb.

And knowledge only gets better the more it is shared and used; doctoral students in doctoral courses with industry participants share new experiences with new acquaintances, professors who lead the courses absorb new ideas from rewarding discussions. It is not about ONE source of knowledge but how we together seek knowledge to solve these urgent problems.