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Cluster Surface treatment and paint

The cluster for surface treatment and paint is one of eight clusters within the Swedish Manufacturing R&D Clusters. The cluster focuses on research and development in processes and materials for the next generation of surface treatment of vehicles with new combinations of materials.

The cluster surface treatment and painting focus on future processes and materials for the next generation of surface treatment of vehicles with new combinations of materials:

  • Processes and materials are introduced that reduce environmental impact and consumption of materials.

Process improvements for reduced environmental impact and cost reduction:

  • Process technology that reduces energy- and water consumption, environmental impact and waste is implemented.

The virtual paint shop:​

  • Systems and tools are introduced that shorten implementation time and reduce the need for physical testing, reducing resource consumption.


Priority research​ areas​

  • Support the development and implementation of resource conservation BIW product solutions.
  • Develop process technologies to reduce energy consumption and simplified transition to climate-neutral energy sources.
  • Develop process technology that significantly reduces the environmental impact of the painting process.
  • Develop process techniques that reduce the number of process steps in painting.
  • Develop corrosion protection that reduces the operating cost for customers as well as environmental impact from a life cycle perspective.
  • Develop engineering tools for manufacturing that support shorter development process and reduce the need for physical prototype testing.
  • Build an application center for surface treatment to be used for development, testing and verification as well as for training and training.

Cluster members

FKG, Scania, AB Volvo, Volvo Cars, RISE, FCC, IVL
The cluster welcomes more companies! Please contact us for more information.



Chairman: Lars Erhardsson, Scania
Coordinators: Jan Skogsmo, RISE och Charlotte Ireholm, RISE

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