The research conducted within the research programmes and initiatives in product and production development continuously results in new projects and findings. The projects are run in collaboration between universities, institutes and companies with great importance for Swedish industry. Here you can read more about ongoing and completed projects.

Effective construction of sandwich structures for energy efficient personal transportation


Cost Effective Manufacturing, Fiber composite, Sandwich

The transition from conventional to electric power lines creates many challenges, but also opens up new possibilities for component packing and design of load bearing structures as well as new manufacturing methods. The project aims to exploit opportunities with sandwich construction to reduce weight and hence the energy consumption for propulsion; reduce heat losses and hence energy consumption for climate change and to reduce manufacturing costs using new manufacturing concepts, rational assembly and new construction technology.

Enabling REuse, REmanufacturing and REcycling Within INDustrial systems (REWIND)


Circularity, Eco-efficiency, Recycling, Remanufacture, Reuse

The REWIND project combines the principles of lean production and eco-efficiency in three industry pilots at Stena Recycling, Volvo AB and IKEA GreenTech. The objective is to retain the value embedded in materials with circular strategies (reuse, remanufacture, recycle, repurpose, etc.). Lessons learnt from the pilots will be used to develop educational tools for engineers and industry leaders to accelerate the uptake of best practices for circularity and sustainable production.

HJT-Hybrid Joining Test bed for smart production


Assembly, FDS, Gluing, Hybrid Joint, Mechanical Joining

Hybrid joints, combination of gluing and mechanical joining are highly demanded where several materials are to be used and assembled. HJT therefore focuses on the smart factory's ability to create flexible production with simulation and programming in a digital twin that combines the latest technology for bonding, assembly and mechanical joining, rheology based simulation and automated collision-free planning. The projects goal is to focus on the whole hybrid joining process and to establish a testbed for hybrid joining as a resource for Swedish Industry.

Virtual PaintShop – Simulation of Oven Curing



The paintshop is often a bottleneck in production and the processes are fine-tuned based on testing on numerous prototypes. To meet the future demands there is a great need to improve the product preparation process. The aim is to develop methods, techniques and software, and supporting measurement methodology, for simulation of paint curing in IR and convective ovens. The goal is to assist the industry to further develop and optimize their surface treatment to be more energy and cost efficient; to have a shorter lead time in product development; and to give a higher product quality. The aim is that the commissioning time for the oven curing processes of new models is reduced by 25%. Furthermore, the environmental impact will be reduced since significantly less prototypes need to be physically tested, and the process optimization aims to reduce the energy requirement in the ovens by 10%. A more uniform curing will improve product quality, reduce thermal deformation and stresses, and also yield a better work environment.