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4S – Strategies and Standards for Smart Swedish Industry (part2)

Purpose and goal

The project – Strategies and Standards for Smart Swedish Industry – has aims at strengthening Swedens position as a leading country in the area of Smart Industry. This will be done though enhanced engagement regarding standardisation. The project has two sub-goals: it will connect results from the Swedish innovation-and-digitalisation-projects, primarily within the strategic innovation programmes PiiA and Produktion2030, with international ongoing ISO and IEC standardisation activities, and it will provide those projects with guiding and financial support.

Expected results and effects

Expected results will be that additional personel from the innovation-and-digitalisation-projects also will be engaged in standardisation-activities. The effect will be that Sweden will be visible on the international arena, in the area of Smart Industry.

Planned approach and implementation

We have identified innovation-and-digitalisation-projects that have a relevance for standardisation, and we now would like to provide these projects with guidance and financial means so that they can participate at international standardisation meetings in the area of Smart Industry.

Vinnova dnr. 2018-04502

Project time



6 370 000 kr


Lund University: Charlotta Johnsson and Thomas Kalling

Blue Institute: Örjan Larsson

SIS: Ann-Sofie Sjöblom and Andreas Rauschwager

SEK: Thomas Borglin

PiiA: Peter Wallin

Prod2030: Björn Johansson


SIP Produktion2030

SIP Processindustriell IT och automation – PiiA