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Integrated analytics for advanced machinery – IAM

Manufacturing requirements on high-valued and high-accuracy products depend on the improved robustness and flexibility of production processes.The essence of the project is to enable an improved resource utilization through disturbance-free manufacturing resulting in sustainable production.

The IAM project aims to:

1.Identify the operational behavior of advanced manufacturing machinery
2.Make use of the information to build a physics-based digital model of the machinery
3.Link the operational behavior through data analytics to maintenance activities and machinery performance.

The final goal is an integrated analytics approach to analyze, predict and optimize manufacturing machinery. The project outcomes will be demonstrated through case studies in industrial environments. Research dissemination activities will be performed to not only raise the knowledge and motivation for the novel concept in industrial applications, but also to enable a continued implementation of the concept; e.g. in terms of the integration of software tool to utilize the project results.

The consortium puts together experienced research and industrial partners with rich expertise in all key areas of information technology and manufacturing processes from complementary areas: sensor and data acquisition systems (SPM Instruments), machine tool design and production (Modig Machine Tool), manufacturing systems (AB Volvo, GKN Aerospace and Volvo Cars). The research partners, KTH Royal Institute of Technology (project coordinator) and Chalmers university of technology are two of the top Swedish research centers in manufacturing with the responsibility to educate next generation engineers to integrate analytics.



Vinnovas dnr: 2018-05033

Project manager

Participating researcher(s)


Advanced Machinery, Integrated analytics, Measurement Instruments, Sensors

Project time



9 100 000 kronor


GKN Aeropspace

AB Volvo

Volvo Cars

Modig Machine Tool

SPM Instrument




VINNOVA Fordonsteknisk forskning och innovation, FFI