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Compound casting for lightweight applications with optimized properties

The purpose with the project is to develop and implement compound casting as a method to produce lightweight components for the automotive industry with the same or even better performance. The industrial need and driving force is about the development of lightweight solutions by using the right material in the right place. A prerequisite for success is to integrate different materials in the same component. The proposed project is about compound casting of ductile iron and aluminum to produce a multi-material design. Commercial automotive producers are continuously challenged to reduce weight in order to improve fuel economy and load capacity. The purpose with the suggested project is to develop a method that creates a metallurgical bond between the materials to create not only a mechanical joint but also result in maximal heat conductivity across the border between the materials. The aim is to show a weight reduction of more than 30 % on a truck wheel hub, without reducing safety. To reach the target, there are some research questions concerning the diffusion zone between the materials that need to be solved. One question is related to the application of an intermediate layer and how that can be used to improve the outcome. The concept also needs to implemented and integrated into the existing production in a cost- and resource efficient way. The project will also investigate how the final component is affected by subsequent process such as heat treatment and machining but also how the user environment influences. A more commercial work package will identify other automotive components to which compound casting would be a solution for improved performance but also how the concept with truck wheel hub can be extended to also include a brake di

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Compound Casting, Lightweight, Lightweight Material, Multi material solutions

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