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DIgitalisation of Production design and Productdesign for increased Automation

Product design has long been at the forefront with both digitized tools and standardized methods. As far as Production Design is concerned, methods and tools are also available here, but in the absence of standard and practice, the methods have not reached all the way to the industry. To increase automation in the final assembly in Swedish industry, old methods must be applied to new conditions. The project wants, by designing installation-friendly products in VR, to show improved ergonomics sometimes by installers, increased automation with the help of collaborative robots. Furthermore, the project wants to show the importance of collaboration between product and production design in order to achieve better conditions for automation.

Vinnova dnr: 2019-02492

Project manager


Collaborative Robots, Human-centered Production Systems, Human-Robot Collaboration

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Project time



6 000 000


Volvo Lastvagnar

Volvo Car Cooperation


Jönköping University

Fraunhofer Chalmers Center (FCC)



VINNOVA Fordonsteknisk forskning och innovation, FFI