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Efficient Automation for Customized products in Swedish Industry – e-FACTORY

Efficient Automation for Customized products in Swedish Industry – e-FACTORY

The industrial trend is currently to increase product customization, and at the same time decrease cost, manufacturing errors, and time to delivery. These are however all conflicting goals. In order to stay competitive this project delivers e-FACTORY as a framework that integrates digitalization technologies to stay ahead of the competitors.
The scope of this research is to increase product and production development effectiveness for manufacturing companies by employing state-of-the-art automation technologies. e- FACTORY will help companies to obtain a more efficient and integrated product configuration and production planning process, starting already at the sales stage. Furthermore, many of the repetitive manual processes for production planning will be automated in order to further decrease lead time and minimize errors.
The project consortium consists of 10 partners. All the six manufacturing companies will help to identify the industrial needs as well as validating the methods and framework developed in the project. In order to establish good monitoring and steering for the project, there will be a steering group formed which will meet on a quarterly basis. During these meetings, the progress of the projects is monitored and the content of work packages might undergo revisions if necessary. 

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Design Automation, Knowledge Based Engineering, Machine Learning, Mass customization

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