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Factory in Demand (FORD)

Factory in Demand (FORD)

The FORD project aims at developing a framework for creating/reconfiguring production systems on demand, based on the production requirements of the new products that will be produced there.

Production systems are treated as services and the supporting technologies offer the possibility of re-allocating human and technical resources dynamically on demand. Systems become lively entities where change becomes part of the normal operations, enabling companies to tackle volatile business opportunities or otherwise handle production disturbances.

The FORD project will systematically address the key design, implementation and operational dimensions of these emerging systems by firstly establishing the baseline of functional requirements that need to be considered for developing them. The project will then proceed with the development of a compatible reference global system architecture that provides a engineering framework for the said requirements. Finally, the project will develop a mock-up prototype to assert the realism and scalability of the proposed concepts.

The project will develop along 8 months. The requirements engineering and development of use cases will be developed from month 1 to month 3. The development of the reference architecture will occur from month 2 to month 5. The mock-up prototype will be developed between month 4 and the end of the project. These activities will generate two written deliverables summarizing the results from the first two activities. The mock- up prototype will be developed and hosted at SICK IVP headquarters.

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Factory as a Service, Reconfiguable Production Systems

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