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Fatigue life of exhaust manifolds including corrosion and creep interaction

The project studies the combined effects of creep and corrosion on fatigue providing reliable material data and calculation models of fatigue life. KTH has a unique fatigue rig that enables high temperature testing in controlled atmospheres. The results are expected to lead to deepening understanding of the interaction between corrosion, fatigue and creep on heat-resistant cast materials. In cooperation with KTH and VW Research Group, the project will contribute to the scientific society and the automotive industry through new findings in the field. The project will deliver material data and analysis of comprehensive test results. This will result in the development of a fatigue life model for future manifold materials for cost-effective and robust exhaust systems. Two KTH doctoral students, taking licentiate degrees in the field 2018, will be able to complete their doctoral theses. Scania CV AB is the main applicant and the partners are KTH and VW Research Group.

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corrosion fatigue, creep, exhaust manifolds, Heat resistant cast material

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10 217 000 kronor


Scania AB

KTH Materialvetenskap


VINNOVA Fordonsteknisk forskning och innovation, FFI