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ImpThin – Implementation study of thin film pre-treatments

The most important pre-treatment technology used by the automotive industry today is based on zinc phosphating (ZnPh). Previous studies have shown how thin film pre-treatment techniques are promising alternatives for both single- and multi-material applications to offer a more environmentally neutral and cost-efficient production through fewer process steps and reduced energy, water and chemical consumption. However, for implementation of thin film pre-treatment processes it is of outmost importance to develop methods and acquire more knowledge, and forming guidelines, for process verification and long-term stability. In this project a subcontractor to the automotive industry and one of the automotive companies will setup thin film lines parallel to the ordinary ZnPh-line. Other automotive companies within the project will have the possibility to evaluate the two different systems in parallel and to produce demonstrators. The pilot plants will also be one place to evaluate the process stability as well as in-line verification methods. The project is expected to deliver guidelines for process stability, process monitoring and handling of materials and baths. Suitable methods for in-/at-line analysis as well as more detailed analysis of the pre-treatments/coatings will be reviewed. Existing accelerated corrosion test methods will be adjusted/improved to fulfil the implementation prerequisite of verification of the corrosion resistance of components or standardized specimens pre-treated with thin film techniques. Finally, the knowledge will be summarised in a guideline for implementation and a life cycle assessment of the two lines will be performed

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Surface treatment,, Sustainability