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Infrastructure for Digitalization enabling industrialization of Additive manufacturinG – IDAG

Infrastructure for Digitalization enabling industrialization of Additive manufacturinG – IDAG

IDAG is an initiation project with the aim to understand and identify both needs and mitigation strategies that will enable industrialisation of additive manufacturing. Additive manufacturing create new value chains where new actors need to collaborate and information need to be shared and processes effectively, securely and in a traceable way. At present, intense development activities are underway within several domains, including e.g.  materials technology, manufacturing technology, simulation technology and design technology. There are today apparent flaws in the way information is being processed between the actors and the IT systems. Making use of the extensive amount of data being produced and captured cannot be effectively used without a well defined digital infrastructure.

In IDAG, several complementary actors in a value chain are brought together. Höganäs produces powder for AM, Brogrens manufacture components that entirely, or partially, are candidates to use additive manufacturing and GKN Aerospace have already first experience of introducing additive manufacturing into products. Chalmers conduct research and development of digital, platform based, development and RISE provide physical manufacturing resources and environment capable of demonstrating additive manufacturing value chains. Eurostep and Value Chain provide digital envirmonments that have the capability and potential to provide digital processing necessary, such as traceability of information and additive manufacturing data processing.

IDAG collect and analyses industrial cases and prepare a demonstration studie with the aim to develop, demonstrate and evaluate a digital infrastructure for industrialization of additive manufacturing together with more partners in the DISAM and DISAM test beds.

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Additive Manufacturing, Digital Platform, Industrialisation, Industrialisation

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GKN Aerospace


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