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LOVIS – Production Logistics Visibility

Visibility within Production Logistics is a key instrument for managing the dynamics in future industrial settings, for resource efficiency, sustainability and competitiveness. External and internal information need to be transparent to development, planning and control. LOVIS will address this challenge by exploring and demonstrating two logistics visibility applications; (1) an intrasite real-time visualisation system for material management including dynamic synchronisation, takt and resource planning, and (2) a supply visibility system for dynamic status and prediction of supply network status. The results from these two studies will be synthesised into a framework for integrated Production Logistics Visibility. The project address the Produktion2030 area of Resource Efficiency and is based on previous knowledge development within the programme. LOVIS will be run by researchers from KTH and Lund University together with Scania, AstraZeneca and Odette, exploring industrial cases and industrial standards. The team consists of senior researchers, PhD students and industrial representatives. The project will develop and demonstrate innovative solutions for Logistics Visibility and disseminate these in seminars, digital media and education. Finally is the ambition to develop a handbook or white book for a wider audience, demonstrating the possibilities and challenges of production logistics visibility, for increased dynamic capability, resource efficiency and leading to competitiveness and sustainability.

Vinnova dnr: 2019-00782

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Logistics, Production logistics, Supply chain, Transparency, visibility

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10 000 000 kr



Lunds Universitet


Astra Zeneca



SIP Produktion2030