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Mentoring in Metrology network – MIM

A lack of competence is by the Swedish manufacturing industry seen as a threat to digitization and hence a threat to the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry internationally. This project proposes a mentorship solution where the experienced metrology specialists coach the younger, often women, while learning the digital techniques of geometrical measurement technology to stimulate the change of both technology and staff generations. In addition to mentoring coordination, it will be clarified how far the overall competence within RISE can be part of technical procurement support in the industry’s digitization investments. The project will also prepare RISE to provide cross-functional expertise in services around digital 3D models based on big data and digitized geometry measurement in general. Together, the network, the project and the proposed mentorship environment will enable a national force to digitize and develop Swedish geometric metrology in the manufacturing industry to world-class. A major advantage for Sweden’s manufacturing industry in the international competition.


The project consists of 5 work packages:

  1. Triple exchange of skills through mentoring agency services
  2. Measurement equipment and systems procurement support as a service
  3. Services around digital 3D models based on measurement data
  4. Business model for the services
  5. Project management

The project will be carried out in close cooperation between RISE and industrial project members in order to best meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s manufacturing industry.

Project manager

Participating researcher(s)


Geometry verification, Metrology, Production processes

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