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Packaging Optimisation Principles for CO2 and Cost Efficient Supply Chains

Packaging principles with consideration of component characteristics and contextual factors has a major potential to reduce supply chain costs and CO2. However, packaging principles has not been analysed in a structured and fact-based way, neither in scientific literature nor in practice. This project will result in new packaging skills and packaging principles from a system perspective. Workshops and other activities will disseminate insights of the impact of packaging on supply chain cost and CO2. It will lead to new structures for cross-functional collaboration regarding packaging, cost and CO2 efficient material supply, knowledge enhancement of industrial packaging, and knowledge about returnable vs. one-way packaging. It will refine an analysis tool, lead to a licentiate thesis, knowledge for master’s students at Lund University, research articles, and increase knowledge exchange about industrial packaging within and between five automotive companies and academia and the Sedish and European automotive industry in general.

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Guidelines, Logistics, Packaging, Packaging strategies, Supply chain

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