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Performance prediction of a biobased product

When a deviation from the intended shape occurs, it poses a major problem for both manufacturers and customers. There is a lot of money to earn and resources to save for the producers and users of LVPs if rejects of LVPs could be reduced. During moulding of LVPs the veneers are exposed to moisture-related stresses and a significant mechanical compression of the thickness. Previous surveys have indicated that the surface pressure during moulding is often uneven, which may affect the shape stability and strength of the final product.

To obtain a reliable statistical basis tests will be performed on several small samples. The test results will be used for validation and development of a simulation model of LVPs. The focus of tests are to study both mechanical and structural properties at different times during the curing process and relate them to the cell structure properties of the wood material. The test samples are a variety of selected configurations of LVP moulded in real life to provide the experimental basis for validation of performance of the corresponding virtual product.

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Laminated veneer products, Moulding, Production processes, Produktion Technology, Simulation, Wood

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