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Plasma treatment before painting on plastics

The aim with plasma as pretreatment before plastic or composite painting is to fully/partly replace the power w ash with a robust and quality assured automated plasma treatment process and with this reduces the scrappage from water residuals, drying marks or other defects. This will also lead to a reduction in water and cleaning agents, water purification and high energy consumption. At one of the partners the plant area can be used more effective since the main part of the painting line is used for power w ash and drying. The new process will also replace flame and primer, no need of hazard gaseous as with flame and no/less need of chemicals as with primer. The process will be a both environmental and working friendly process.

The result will be evaluated according to technical performance, cleaning, surface chemistry, surface energy, structure and bonding. The companies will evaluate the process in demonstrator cases, industrialization case and sustainability assessment

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