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Production mirror – digital interaction in industrial environments

Production mirror – digital interaction in industrial environments

The project will explore how an interactive overview, a “digital mirror” of production, can be designed and made available in a production environment to support production staff, increase work motivation and increase efficiency.

 Protective equipment, dust and high noise levels are common phenomena in the production environment and can prevent easy and user-friendly interaction with classic digital interfaces. The project aims to explore and rethink ideas for interfaces using techniques such as informative sounds, sensors, leading color or interactive surfaces to help production professionals easily interact and capture digital content. Such a service can also increase the understanding of production staff for their role in the production system.


Participating researcher(s)


Design, Digital Interface, Industry, Production, Visualization

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Increased digitalization brings new possibilities for Swedish manufacturing companies. This project focuses on what data are needed to feed assembly variation simulation and how this data can be captured and stored efficiently and effectively. The project contributes to increased geometrical quality. The technical value chain from part inspection, to extraction of relevant data, storage of data, usage of data in variation simulation (as a digital twin) and to visualization of simulation results as decision support will be covered. This has the potential to replace prototypes/test series and saves cost, time and reduces the environmental impact.

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Project time



500 000 kronor


Lundqvist Trävaru AB



SIP Produktion2030