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SANDT – Non Destructive Testing of Sand moulds

Up to 20% of production costs for sand mould castings from Swedish iron and steel foundries results from post processing to correct casting errors because of errors in the sand mould and its coating layer. This project develops a new non-destructive test method for sand moulds to identify and eliminate these errors before casting. It is based on electrical capacitance and impedance tomography (ECT / EIT), used in similar contexts for moisture testing, combined with 3D scanning. The project follows an agile process of four development loops, during which the method is developed, tested and trimmed in foundries. This ensures speedy and flexible development and industrial relevance and applicability. In addition to reduced costs and fewer errors the method also enables production of vehicle components with narrower margins, reduced material consumption and total environmental impact, as well as weight reduction, energy consumption and environmental impact during vehicle use.
Vinnovas dnr: 2018-05022

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Casting, Coating, Foundry, Iron, Nondestructive, Quality assurance, Sand moulds, Steel, Tomography