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SUMMIT – SUstainability, sMart Maintenance and factory desIgn Testbed

Purpose and goal

SUMMIT focuses on sustainability (using eco-efficiency and circularity toolkits available), smart maintenance (using machine learning approaches on top of the most recent developed
softw are available) and factory design (using new ly developed w orkplace design and layout softw are connected to real manufacturing data) phases to strengthen Sw edish industries. The VDL w ill provide remote access to the testbed through internet as w ell as local onsite access in order to interact, show case and evaluate the digitalization benefits developed.

Results and expected effects

The expected effect is to realize the full value of production data in the design and maintenance phases to increase sustainability, efficiency, and robustness in Sw edish manufacturing industry. SUMMIT results in improved sustainability, efficiency and robustness at production systems in Sw edish industry through utilization of production data analytics w ithin design and maintenance of production systems.

Approach and implementation

SUMMIT aims at inviting Sw edish industry to use the Virtual Development Laboratory (VDL) at Chalmers to collaborate, develop and show case the true benefits of digitalization.
A typical test case procedure in the SUMMIT project:

  1. Collect and stream industrial data to the VDL
  2. Model scenarios related to factory design and/or smart maintenance
  3. Analyze the outcome of the model by performing evaluations in multi-disciplinary teams
  4. Integrate decision support solutions in the industrial environment and feedback findings to the original green-field or brown-field system.

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Project time



21 000 000 kr


SIP Produktion2030