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TriBlade is a new ground-breaking technology for rotor blades in wind turbines, which have the potential to affect the entire wind power market. The technology has been developed by Winfoor in collaboration with Lund University and is based on each rotor blade designed as a truss. The new technology allows the rotor blades to be made both longer, stronger and much lighter than what is possible today. TriBlade uses the same materials as conventional rotor blades but may reduce weight by up to 80% and potentially allow production of blades that are twice as long as today. Doubling the length of the rotor blades means that the output power is four times as large. In addition, the technology will reduce production costs and make transport and installation easier.

Wind power is the second largest renewable energy source after hydropower. It is a mature and growing market, with a trend toward larger and more efficient wind turbines. TriBlade has the potential to play a decisive role in this development by promoting the development of the next generation of larger and more efficient wind turbines and contribute to accelerating the transition to increased use of renewable energy sources both in Europe and worldwide. The goal of the project is to solve the technical challenges that remain. This includes finding a truss topology that is both structurally and aerodynamically efficient. The technology will also be demonstrated in a small-scale pilot installation.

The project is run in collaboration between the Lund Institute of Technology, Marstrom Composite and Winfoor AB.

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Business Development, Computation, Construction, Innovation, Production, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), Strength of Materials, Wind Power

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