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VIST – Vision Inspection Swedish Testbed

Purpose and goal

This project w ill create prerequisite for the industry to develop customer oriented solutions based on know ledge and equipment w ith the latest technology in interferometry on large areas and 3D-mapping but also for surface inspection of geometry, colour, surface topography, surface finish and temperature. By tying together the existing netw ork w ith and among test sites at LiU, MiUN and Sw erea into one common testbed, the project w ill contribute to reach the common goals, set by the industry w ithin the field of digital inline surface characterization in real time.

Results and expected effects

The overall aim of this project is to increase the competitiveness of the Sw edish manufacturing industry through cost and resource-effective manufacturing.
The intention of the test bed VIST is to test innovative ideas in an open environment, have access to a larger platform of resources and equipments and to implement digital tools for surface inspection along the entire chain. VIST w ill be an excellent addition to ongoing R&D projects and opens up for close cooperation w ithin other research fields e.g. surface treatment, industrial printing and automation.

Approach and implementation

The focus of the test bed VIST is to combine the benefits w ithin optical measurement technology and data analysis to demonstrate how digitalization through a series of case studies selected from the participating companies, can contribute to ensuring quality parameters inline, reducing w aste material and throughput time and get access to quality parameters as much as needed and when it is needed. The w ork in the test bed VIST begins, where commercial systems today are reaching their limits.


2030, Resource-efficient production

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Project time



8 223 144 kr


SIP Produktion2030