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Scouting with Automation Småland

Scouting with Automation Småland

The Automation Småland cluster, with some 20 SME experts within automation, situated in “Gnosjöregionen”, the heart of the Swedish manufacturing industry, invites customers, suppliers and other partners to a series of breakfast seminars on varying themes connected to automation.

The seminars are arranged in Swedish. Read more at the Swedish version.





Richard Skogward, managing director of Axelent Engineering: Welcome to Villa Axelent. Presentation of the participants.


Richard Skogward about the association Automationsföretagen i Sverige, Kerstin Johansen and Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck about current status and ongoing activiites in Automation Småland


Alexander Clomén, Sinf, about legal issues and agreements, esp. for automation projects


Anders Ekdahl, Sinf, on Internationalisation for SMEs (results from survey)


Anders Ekdahl, Sinf, presents news - release today: the 22nd Swedish Subcontractor survey


Roger Lundin, Swerea IVF: Produktion2030 as a resource for SMEs


Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck

Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck

Professor Product Innovation

Chaired professor product innovation, Luleå University of Technology. Guest professor at Industrial Management, Linköping University. Research areas: innovation, product development and business development. Project manager of Kunskapsförmedlingen and Kunskapsturnén.

Kerstin Johansen

Kerstin Johansen

Associate Professor Integrated Product and Production Development

Research in the integration between product development and production solutions for the future materials, i.e. carbon composites and cellulose based materials. The research is covering the area of man-machine interaction in collaborative, sharing assembly tasks and how the light weighted materials will use automative solutions forassembly nadhow the production solutions can affector be affected by the design of the product.