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P03: Produktion2030 – Översikt och State-of-the-Art #2

P03: Produktion2030 – Översikt och State-of-the-Art #2

Kursen ges på engelska.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, participants should understand the conditions for industrial product development and production and how the taught methods are used in that environment. They should also understand why collaboration between academia and industry is emphasized in Produktion2030 and be able to assist in planning and execution of collaboration projects.

Course content

The course covers tools and methodology for academic-industrial cooperation and in the areas of strength of Produktion2030:

  • Resource efficient production
  • Flexible production
  • Virtual production
  • Humans in the production system
  • Circular production systems and maintenance
  • Integrated product and production development

Course organisation

Three face to face meetings of 3 days each (lunch to lunch over four days) with integrated study visits. There will also be some social arrangements.


A successful completion of this course will be judged on the following:

  • Completed assignments
  • Participation in literature seminars
  • Active partaking in lectures and during study visits; a  presence during at least 75 % of the scheduled arrangements is required