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P04: Molnbaserade cyber-fysiska system inom tillverkning #2 – ONLINE

Kursen är framflyttad till vecka 37 2020 och ges denna gång ONLINE (via Zoom).

Kursen ges på engelska.

Participants: 10-30 students

Prerequisites : The participants need to have basic knowledge and experience with Production Systems.


The course aims to provide knowledge about modern technologies in production systems. Different technologies are introduced from the production’s perspective with real-life examples and case studies.

Learning outcomes

  • Apply and explain, with increased awareness, on how relations are important for modern ICT technologies for production systems.
  • Describe how a cyber-physical system is established and utilized in the production environment, via monitoring, even-driven control, and predictive maintenance.
  • Explain how the ICT technologies can support sustainable manufacturing in terms of energy efficiency, human safety, cyber security, and human-robot collaboration.
  • Describe a cyber-physical system’s architecture, standards and utilisation from the Internet of Manufacturing Things’ perspective
  • Understand and reason about, with increased awareness on, how to position the individual research area in a wider context of sustainable production

Course content 

Part 1: Literature Survey and Trends

Part 2: Cloud-Based Monitoring, Planning and Control in CPS

Part 3: Sustainable Robotic Assembly in CPS Settings

Part 4:  CPS Systems Design and Lifecycle Analysis.

The course is organized around 4 meetings at the same locations in Sweden; this year week 37 at KTH.

Examination   A successful completion of this course will be judged on 3 short essays, 2 individual and 1 group.


Wang L, Wang XV (2018) Cloud-Based Cyber-Physical Systems in Manufacturing. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-67693-7

Additional literature will be the latest journal papers and also highly rated journals as a baseline.


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