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P52: Underhåll av industriell utrustning #1

P52:  Underhåll av industriell utrustning #1

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Min. 8 participants.


The course aims to increase awareness regarding industrial maintenance and its importance for the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.

Learning outcomes  

After completion of the course the course participant should be able to

  • Describe the basic principles and terminology of industrial maintenance.
  • Argue for the value of industrial maintenance
  • Describe how to measure maintenance performance
  • Describe effective and efficient maintenance management principles, e.g. TPM
  • Exemplify how advanced data analytics can be used for maintenance decisions
  • Describe the concept of smart maintenance
  • Classify production disturbances and relate them to maintenance activities
  • Exemplify how industrial maintenance is managed in industrial settings
  • Describe how maintenance is related to circular economy and product design
  • Apply basic techniques for condition-based maintenance
  • Argue for what aspects of maintenance to include in the requirement specification of production Equipment
  • Describe how product quality relate to machine capability and maintenance
  • Scope and position their own research/profession in relation to industrial maintenance

Course content

The course will address a broad perspective of industrial maintenance, focusing on production equipment. The core area of work for each PhD student will be their own research domain while reflecting on how these domains relate to the maintenance domain. By gaining insights into the domain of industrial maintenance, the PhD students will deepen their understanding of the maintenance implications within their field.

Course organisation

Four physical meetings are planned (lunch to lunch), in addition to work in-between the meetings. Lecture/seminar & Industrial study visit.


A successful completion of this course will be judged on the following:

  • Actively partaking on all four meetings
  • Hand-in of tasks
  • Demonstration of mature reflection on their own relation to maintenance research


Course literature will be decided and made available to participants at course start.