Industrial benefit and new test bed the result of LIGHTest

Industrial benefit and new test bed the result of LIGHTest


The Vinnova-financed project Test bed LIGHTest was completed in the spring of 2021. In the four years that the project has been running, thirteen industrial pilot projects and five assignments together with small and medium-sized companies have been completed. The majority of the projects (70 percent) have led to direct business benefits and implementation. LIGHTest is of particular interest to members of the Manufacturing Cluster for Forming and Joining, but also to others.

The purpose of the project “Test beds for the future production of light products with smart material solutions”, LIGHTest, was to help the industry test manufacturing methods and material properties of lighter products, not just individual materials, manufacturing methods or recycling techniques but focusing on complete solutions with sustainable life cycle. The total budget for LIGHTest was just over SEK 35 million in four years.

The project has had a management group consisting of, among others, leaders for five strategic innovation programs, SIPs. Through discussions with the management group, industrial pilot projects and assignments together with small and medium-sized companies, LIGHTest has generated an increased focus on test beds for industry, found new working methods for existing test beds and contributed to initiating a new test bed for sustainable composite production and a Stamping and Forming Center.


New test bed for sustainable composite production

The test bed Stamping and forming center with main nodes in Olofström and Piteå has in LIGHTest worked together with other RISE actors and four universities to create increased access to expert knowledge and development as well as verification of sustainable material and production solutions.

LIGHTest has also contributed to initiating RISE's new test bed in Piteå, where the investment in a large servo press is central. Test bed for sustainable composite production will be inaugurated on September 2, 2021.

On November 25, the Techtank Conference will be held in Olofström in collaboration with the Stamping and Forming Center of Excellence, where the test bed Pressing and Forming Center will participate.

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